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Google Calendar may soon let you hide specific holidays Image credit — PhoneArenaA recent APK breakdown has revealed that Google Calendar may soon offer users more control over which holidays they see on their calendar. The update could include new options to hide specific holidays or to create a list of selected holidays to show.

Currently, you can only choose between showing all holidays or just public holidays in Google Calendar. However, it appears that this may change in an upcoming update to the Android version of Google Calendar.

Free Printable May  Calendar
Free Printable May Calendar

According to this report, a new feature called “Hide this Holiday” has been discovered in the code of version 2024.23.0-641736842-release of the Android app. This feature could allow users to pick and choose which holidays they want to see on their calendar, potentially reducing clutter and allowing for a more personalized experience.

Image credit — Android Authority

Printable May  Calendar Templates With Holidays
Printable May Calendar Templates With Holidays

In addition to the “Hide this Holiday” option, another new feature called “Selected holidays” was also found in the code. While it’s unclear exactly how this feature will work, it’s possible that it may allow users to create a custom list of holidays to display. This could be particularly useful for individuals who want to focus on specific cultural or religious holidays.The source also indicates that the “Public and other holidays” option may be renamed to “All holidays,” and the “National holidays” menu may be renamed to “Regional holidays.” These changes suggest that Google may be aiming to provide clearer and more intuitive options for managing holiday displays in Google Calendar.

It is expected that both of these new options will be available in both the app and web versions of Google Calendar. However, it’s important to note that these features are still in development and may not be released in the final version of the update. Google has not yet officially announced these new features, and it remains to be seen when they will be rolled out to users. However, the discovery of these features in the code hints that they may be coming soon.

EDITABLE May  Calendar, Printable Wall Calendar , Cute
EDITABLE May Calendar, Printable Wall Calendar , Cute