Telugu Calendar 2024 January With Tithi

Cosmic Calendar 2024: A ready reckoner on Transits, Eclipses and Combustions

In 2024, we will continue to be impacted by astrological developments in the zodiac. Planets will move around, creating what we call planetary transits. Sometimes, planets get too close to the Sun, making them look like they’re burning, a phenomenon we call combustion. Still, there are special moments when the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up, causing eclipses. Let us explore the zodiac shifts that will take place in 2024 and impact our lives in one way or another.

Hindu Calendar , January
Hindu Calendar , January

Let us explore the zodiac shifts that will take place in 2024 and impact our lives in one way or another.

Sun’s Transit 2024: In 2024, the Sun will move to different zodiac signs throughout the year. On January 15, it goes to Capricorn, on February 13 to Aquarius, and on March 14 to Pisces. On April 13, it’s in Aries, May 14 in Taurus, and June 15 in Gemini. Come July 16, it’s in Cancer, August 16 in Leo, and September 16 in Virgo. By October 17, it transits to Libra, November 16 to Scorpio, and on December 15, it’s in Sagittarius.

January ,  Telugu Calendar Panchangam Telangana
January , Telugu Calendar Panchangam Telangana

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Mercury’s Transit 2024: On January 7, Mercury moves to Sagittarius. On February 1, it goes to Capricorn, then Aquarius on February 20. March 7 sees Mercury in Pisces, followed by Aries on March 26. Mercury goes retrograde on April 2, turns progressive on April 25, and transits back to Pisces on April 9. On May 10, it moves to Aries, then Taurus on May 31, Gemini on June 14, and Cancer on June 29. July 19 sees Mercury in Leo. It goes retrograde on August 5, turns progressive on August 29, and moves to Cancer on August 22. On September 4, it’s in Leo, Virgo on September 23, Libra on October 10, and Scorpio on October 29. Retrograde again on November 26; it turns progressive on December 16.

Telugu Calendar  January Venkatrama And Co in   Calendar
Telugu Calendar January Venkatrama And Co in Calendar

Venus’ Transit 2024: Venus will move to different zodiac signs in 2024. On January 18, it goes to Sagittarius, followed by Capricorn on February 12. March 7 sees Venus in Aquarius, and on March 31, it moves to Pisces. April 25 marks the transit to Aries, followed by Taurus on May 19. June 12 brings Venus to Gemini, and on July 7, it transits to Cancer. The planet enters Leo on July 31, then Virgo on August 25. September 18 sees Venus in Libra, followed by Scorpio on October 13. On November 7, 2024, it returns to Sagittarius, and on December 2 sees Venus in Capricorn.

Mars’ Transit 2024: The red planet moves through different zodiac signs, affecting energies on Earth. On February 5, it enters Capricorn, bringing practical vibes. March 15 sees Mars in Aquarius, fostering innovation. April 23 sees Mars in Pisces, enhancing creativity. June 1, Mars energises in Aries, promoting action. On July 12, Taurus hosts Mars, emphasising stability. August 26 brings communicative energies as Mars enters Gemini. On October 20, Mars in Cancer encourages emotional connections. However, on December 7, Mars turns retrograde, causing reflection. On February 24, 2025, Mars turns progressive, reigniting forward momentum in planetary influences.

Telugu Calendar , January
Telugu Calendar , January

Jupiter’s Transit 2024: Completing its sojourn in Aries, Jupiter moves to Taurus on May 1, bringing changes in luck and opportunities. On October 9, Jupiter goes retrograde, prompting reflection and reassessment. During this period, it’s advisable to review plans. On February 4, 2025, Jupiter turns progressive, signalling a time for positive advancements. This shift encourages forward movement and the pursuit of goals. Pay attention to these celestial events, as they can influence various aspects of life.

Rahu & Ketu’s Transit 2024: In 2024, Rahu and Ketu won’t move signs, but there are significant shifts in their Nakshatra positions. On July 8, Rahu will move to Uttara Bhadrapada, while Ketu will shift to Hasta Nakshatra on March 4 and later to Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra on November 10.

Saturn’s Transit 2024: Saturn will continue to move through Aquarius in 2024. On June 30, it will go backwards (retrograde) and then forward (progressive) on November 15. Talking of Nakshatra transits, on April 6, Saturn will shift to Purva Bhadrapada, then to Shatabhisha on October 3, and back to Purva Bhadrapada on December 27.

Planetary Combustions in 2024: In 2024, some planets will combust, affecting astrological energies. Mars will be combusted until January 23. Jupiter will experience combustion from May 7 to June 6. Venus will be combusting from April 25 to June 29. Lastly, Saturn will combust from February 17 to March 26. Combustion is a period to be mindful of potential challenges or changes.

Eclipses in 2024: In 2024, there will be four eclipses. On March 25, there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the Virgo sign. Next, on April 8, a Total Solar Eclipse will happen in the Pisces sign. Then, on September 18, there will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the Pisces sign. Finally, on October 2, an Annular Solar Eclipse is expected in the Virgo sign. These celestial events occur when the Earth, Moon, and Sun align, causing temporary changes in the appearance of the moon or sun.

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