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DBD codes May 2024

May 3, 2024 It’s been a while, but a splendid new code has been added to the list.

What are the new DBD codes? These freebie-granting DBD rewards can actually be quite hard to keep up with since they arrive pretty regularly, which is no bad thing. We’re never going to complain about in-game giveaways, and Dead by Daylight codes can give you anything from outfits to charms, and even Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards.

Whether you want your favorite DBD killers to get a stylish new look, or you want to add to your survivors’ wardrobes, be sure to redeem the codes below before it’s too late. There may also be codes for Dead by Daylight Bloodpoints, Rift Fragments, and charms, so there are plenty of goodies to be had. Some of these Dead by Daylight codes are ongoing though, so you may have snapped them up already.

Shutterfly  Free x Photo Calendar :: Southern Savers
Shutterfly Free x Photo Calendar :: Southern Savers

New DBD codes

Here are all active Dead by Daylight codes in May 2024:

How to get the best Shutterfly deals
How to get the best Shutterfly deals

SPLENDID – 500,000 Bloodpoints and 30 Rift Fragments FLAGL – WLW flag charm MFLAG – MLM flag charm FLAGB – bisexual flag charm FLAGP – pansexual flag charm FLAGT – transgender flag charm ISFLAG – intersex flag charm AFLAGG – agender flag charm GFLAGF – genderfluid flag charm NBFLAG – non-binary flag charm GFLAGQ – genderqueer flag charm AFLAGS – asexual flag charm LETSROLL – Dwight Miniature charm CAWCAW – Feathers of Pride charm PRIDE – Rainbow Flag charm PRIDE2022 -Progress Pride Flag charm WARRIORPUPPERS – Warrior Puppers charm

Expired codes BLOODYGREAT – Blood Droplet Charm BLOODFEST – Blood Droplet Badge DROPBP – Bloodpoints Banner (Switch-only) DROPMED – Twitchy Medkit Badge (Switch-only) DROPFL – Twitchy Flame Charm (Switch-only) AMD – 50,000 Bloodpoints STEELSERIES2024 – 50,000 Bloodpoints KONTROLFREEK – 50,000 Bloodpoints UNDYING – Floral Coffin charm ALANWAKECHAPTER – 100,000 Bloodpoints LIGHTSOUT – 150,000 Bloodpoints GOLDENDRAGON – Golden Dragon charm PAPERDRAGON – Lunar Dragon charm DRAGONGIFT – Dragon Head badge and Red Gift banner LUCKYBP2024 – 666, 888 Bloodpoints DROPML – Meg Avante-Garde Leggings (SWITCH-ONLY) DROPMJ – Meg In-Vogue Jacket (SWITCH-ONLY) DROPMH – Meg Cutting-Edge Hairstyle (SWITCH-ONLY) CARNANEVOA24 – 240,000 Bloodpoints and 24 Iri Shards THANKYOUFOR60M – one million Bloodpoints and 6,000 Iridescent Shards ALIENWARE – 50,000 Bloodpoints ELGATO – 50,000 Bloodpoints GFUEL – 50,000 Bloodpoints STEELSERIES – 50,000 Bloodpoints DBDDAY39 – 500,000 Bloodpoints and 500 Iridescent Shards DBDDAYR5 – DBD Day Celebration Coin charm DBDDAY2022 – Silk Omamori charm BOOP – Meg’s Boop the Snoot mask DANKE – 200k Bloodpoints GAMSAHABNIDA- 200k Bloodpoints GETTHREADY – Voxel Spirit Charm KINDRD – Glance of Pride charm BASTILLE23 – 147,000 Bloodpoints OCANADA – Canada Day Maple Leaf charm PARTYHATS – Fifth anniversary crown for all original characters available at that time BLOODY BRILLIANT DECIPHERING – 10,084 Bloodpoints TICKED – 125,000 Bloodpoints PARTYTRIX – 200 Iridescent Shards LEGENDIRI – 100 Iridescent Shards RAINBOWRIFT – Ten Rift Fragments TRIXORTREATS – 100,000 Bloodpoints LOVEISLOVE – 200,000 Bloodpoints TIKTOK – 125, 000 Bloodpoints TRAPPER7 – Voxel Trapper charm NICE – 69 Bloodpoints DBD7 – 400,000 Bloodpoints MASTERMAKER – Meet Your Maker Build and Protect top for Vittorio SPENDINGSPREE – 200,000 Bloodpoints NOTATRAP – Meet Your Maker Build and Protect tops METMYMAKER – Meet Your Maker Build and Protect tops HONORARYCUSTODIAN – Meet Your Maker Build and Protect tops HRVFANCLUB – Meet Your Maker Build and Protect tops LOVEBIRD – Raven heart charm LUCKYBP2023 – 168,888 Bloodpoints LUNAR – Lunar New Year cosmetics for David, Nea, and The Trapper LUCKY – Lunar New Year cosmetics for Jane and The Hillbilly RABBIT – Lunar New Year cosmetics for Dwight and The Spirit MAKEMECRYO – Frosty Eyes cosmetics for the Plague and The Oni ICEYYOU – Frosty Eyes cosmetics for The Artist and The Trickster COLDSTARE – Frosty Eyes cosmetics for The Deathslinger, Blight, and The Twins WINNERWINNER – PUBG Frying Pan Charm ONEMILLIONSOULS – Twitter Charm CHEGADAS – 150,000 Bloodpoints CELEBRANDO – 50,000 Bloodpoints NOVAS – 100,000 Bloodpoints VOID – 25,000 Bloodpoints RIFT – 25,000 Bloodpoints UNSTABLE – 25,000 Bloodpoints ENERGY – 25,000 Bloodpoints THREEWITCHES – 100,000 Bloodpoints BILIBILI300K – 300,000 Bloodpoints ALIENWARE – 100,000 Bloodpoints BUBBLES – Shark Charm FINN – 10,000 Bloodpoints TOOTHFACE – 10,000 Bloodpoints SHARKY – 10,000 Bloodpoints CAKEWALK – 100,000 Bloodpoints IGBPPARTY – 100,000 Bloodpoints BLUEBIRDBEEG – 100,000 Bloodpoints GETTHATBAG – Ten Rift Fragments BLOODBANK – 100,000 Bloodpoints DOUBLERAINBOW – 200,000 Bloodpoints THANKYOU – 150,000 Bloodpoints GIGXLM3G – 100,000 Bloodpoints 78SNOXXG – 100,000 Bloodpoints DBDTHEBOARDGAME – 200,000 Bloodpoints JAPAN300K – 300,000 Bloodpoints RIVALSJP – 100,000 Bloodpoints HELLOTHERE – 25,000 Bloodpoints YOUFOUNDME – 25,000 Bloodpoints THISISACODE – 25,000 Bloodpoints DBDWEBSITE – 25,000 Bloodpoints RIVALSTH – 100,000 Bloodpoints RIVALSKR – 100,000 Bloodpoints MILADYISSEVENFOOTTWO – 50,000 Bloodpoints INTHISECONOMY – 50,000 Bloodpoints FriskkUWUrawrXD2022 – 50,000 Bloodpoints DIEHARDDIVA2022 – 50,000 Bloodpoints CAISHEN – 88,888 Bloodpoints LUCKYMONEY – 16,888 Bloodpoints LANTERNFESTIVAL – 15 Rift Fragments OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE – 200,000 Bloodpoints TWOSDAY – 222,000 Bloodpoints VK130UP – 130,000 Bloodpoints 59TH39 – 59,000 Bloodpoints LIGHTSCAMERABP – 100,000 Bloodpoints REVEALED – 100,000 Bloodpoints INSERTCOIN – Arcade Machine Charm SEASONSBLEEDINGS – 100,000 Bloodpoints MORICHRISTMAS – 100,000 Bloodpoints HOLIDAYSPECIAL – 100,000 Bloodpoints HOHOHO – 100,000 Bloodpoints DECIPHERSTRIKE – 150,000 Bloodpoints EASYASABC – 150,000 Bloodpoints CIPHERSALAD – 150,000 Bloodpoints LIVEORDIE – Saw Spiral charm FORHONOR – For Honor Charm NOTATRICK – 100,000 Bloodpoints Offer DWIGHTCROW – Dwight Crow Charm WITCHPLEASE – Trick or Treat (one Bloodpoint) RSELF – 100,000 Bloodpoints SCARYGOOD – Trick or Treat (10,000 Bloodpoints) HALLOWHOOPS – 1,031 Bloodpoints SCREAMSTREAM – 100,000 Bloodpoints DBDDAYJP2021 – 202,100 Bloodpoints BOOP – Boop The Snoot mask for Meg Thomas HISSANDHERS – Greek Legends charms AUSOME – Anniversary cosmetics for David and The Wraith GOLDENBROS – Anniversary cosmetics for David and The Wraith BETTERTHANONE – Anniversary cosmetics for David and The Wraith PIECEOFCAKE – Naughty Bear Pinata and Five Year Candles charms RANKROULETTE – 250,000 Bloodpoints ANNIVERSARYFRAGMENTS – Ten Rift Fragments KODOMONOHI2021 – 60,000 Bloodpoints MIDORINOHI2021 – 50,000 Bloodpoints KENPOUKINENBI2021 – 40,000 Bloodpoints HAPPYGOLDENWEEK2021 – 30,000 Bloodpoints

How do I redeem Dead by Daylight codes?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to redeem Dead by Daylight codes:

Once you’re logged into the game, head to the store. In the store, click the “Redeem Code” button in the top-right-hand corner. Enter the code as it appears above. Click “Redeem”.

My DBD code isn’t working

If your code isn’t working, you should be able to see an error message below the redemption box that will tell you the problem. If you don’t see anything, check that you have entered the code accurately, bearing in mind that it is case-sensitive.

Dead by Daylight redemption error codes “This code could not be redeemed because you already own the associated item.” “This code has already been claimed.” “This code is not valid. Please double-check you have entered it correctly and try again.” “This code has expired.” “This code could not be redeemed due to a server error. Please try again later.”

The latter error message is the most frustrating, but it most likely just means your internet is running slowly. Try the code again and it will eventually work.

How do I spend DBD Bloodpoints?

While some of the active DBD codes above earn you cosmetics like outfit items or charms, most reward you with Bloodpoints. Bloodpoints are an in-game currency used to level up your characters, but they cannot be redeemed for cosmetics or other shop items, nor can they be exchanged into Auric Cells, Iridescent Shards, or Rift Fragments.

The only use for Bloodpoints, therefore, is levelling up DBD killers and survivors by spending them in the Bloodweb. Thanks to a recent update, you can level up automatically, or you can choose each individual item to ‘purchase’ with Bloodpoints, from your random selection of offerings, perks, and add-ons. Each level of the Bloodweb adds these items to your collection and levels your character up. Get through 50 levels of the Bloodweb to prestige your character.

With that, you can redeem all the latest DBD codes, kit your main out with some new styles, and level up with all those Bloodpoints. Since horror games are your thing, then perhaps you might find a new one to try out from our list of the best, or you can check out the best PC games across all genres for an idea of something else to play. If you’re all about DBD, then find out how Dead by Daylight ranks work before the next reset.