September 2024 To June 2025 Calendar

16 Upcoming Bitcoin Events To Mark On Your Calendar

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Split Year Calendars / (July to June) - PDF templates
Split Year Calendars / (July to June) – PDF templates

Bitcoin events are a great way to meet the broader community and learn more about the cryptocurrency. Here is a list of 15 bitcoin events this year, as well as a list of bitcoin events that will likely recur in early 2025 that are worth marking your calendar for.

Bitcoin Asia

Split Year Calendars / (July to June) - PDF templates
Split Year Calendars / (July to June) – PDF templates

Organizer: BTC Inc.

Location: Hong Kong

Dates: May 9 to May 10

BTC Inc.’s event series comes to Asia for the first time with an event hosted in Hong Kong. Keynote speakers include Lightning Labs founder Elizabeth Stark and Discus Fish, who founded F2Pool, one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining pools.

Canadian Bitcoin Conference

Organizer: Canadian Bitcoin Conference

Location: Montreal, Canada

Dates: May 16 to May 17

The Canadian Bitcoin Conference is hosted in Montreal, the site of the old Bitcoin Embassy, where some of Blockstream’s co-founders first gathered. The conference features keynotes from Joe Nakamoto, Saifedeen Ammous, and Bull Bitcoin CEO Francis Pouliot. It also offers a workshop to help attendees build an open-source miner from a Bitmain ASIC, helping to decentralize bitcoin’s hash rate.

Bitcoin Is For Everyone

Organizer: Bitcoin Is For Everyone

Location: Portland, Oregon

Dates: May 22

Bitcoin Is For Everyone is a one-day event that brings together people from the Pacific Northwest. Keynote speakers include Jeff Booth of Ego Death Capital and Troy Cross.

Oslo Freedom Forum

Organizer: Human Rights Foundation

Location: Oslo, Norway

Dates: June 3 to June 5

The Human Rights Foundation organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum to convene technologists and human rights activists to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our times. A financial freedom track focuses on bitcoin and how freedom tech can help with human rights issues.

BTC Prague

Organizer: BTC Prague

Location: Prague

Dates: June 13 to June 15

BTC Prague is the largest bitcoin event in Europe, taking place in one of the most bitcoin-friendly cities on the continent. In Prague, more than 250 merchants are willing to accept bitcoin payments. The bitcoin-only event will feature keynote speakers Micheal Saylor and Adam Back.

Bitcoin Rodeo

Organizer: BTCSessions

Location: Calgary, Canada

Dates: July 2

The Bitcoin Rodeo brings the classic Western Canadian ambiance to bitcoin conveners through a combination of comedy and Bitcoin talks. Speakers include Francis Pouliot, who co-founded Bull Bitcoin, and Preston Pysh. The Calgary Stampede happened a few days later.

Bitcoin 2024

Organizer: BTC Inc.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: July 25 to July 27

Bitcoin 2024 is the world’s largest Bitcoin event. The Nashville confab is hosted by BTC Inc., which publishes Bitcoin Magazine. Keynote speakers this year that have been announced include Cathie Wood of ARK Invest and Micheal Saylor of MicroStrategy MSTR . The event also has a job fair and free passes for students—a much-needed way to engage younger people with bitcoin.

Baltic Honey Badger

Organizer: Baltic Honey Badger

Location: Riga, Latvia

Dates: August 24 to August 25

The Baltic Honey Badger is an event that pairs talks about bitcoin and freedom of speech with Nostr. It’s paired with Riga Bitcoin Week, which offers Nostr events and an introduction to bitcoin.

Indonesia Bitcoin Conference

Organizer: Indonesia Bitcoin Conference

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Dates: September

After an inaugural 2023 speaking session in Bali, this Bitcoin-only conference is back for another edition. Featuring speakers like Samson Mow last year, another edition will feature a bazaar.

Bitcoin Amsterdam

Organizer: BTC Inc.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dates: October 10 to October 11

BTC Inc. is bringing its Bitcoin event series to Amsterdam for the second time. Last year, Edward Snowden was a speaker at the event. Bitcoin Magazine powers the event in combination with Amsterdam Decentralized.

Pacific Bitcoin

Organizer: Swan Bitcoin

Location: Los Angeles, California

Dates: October 18 to October 19

Pacific Bitcoin is the marquee event hosted by Swan Bitcoin, which allows for dollar-cost average buys of bitcoin in the United States. Keynote speakers include Lyn Alden and Peter McCormack of What Bitcoin Did. The location, the Barker Hanger, is a large-scale venue right next to LAX airport.

Plan B Forum

Organizer: City of Lugano and Tether USDT

Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Dates: October 18 to October 19

The Plan B Forum is a collaboration between Tether and the city of Lugano, which is gaining significant traction in terms of merchants accepting bitcoin payments. The keynote speakers include Stella Assange, Julian Assange’s wife, and Paolo Ardoino, the co-founder of Tether and Bitfinex.


Organizer: TABConf

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: October 23 to October 26

TABConf is a technical conference on bitcoin topics. You can submit issues on GitHub, and there are plenty of workshops and a hackathon. Previous topics have included running an effective Lightning node, using OpenTimestamps in elections, and mempool policy.


Organizer: SatsConf

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Dates: November 8 to November 9

SatsConf will happen in Brazil, one regional hotspot for bitcoin merchant adoption and the country that hosts the Bitcoin Spring Festival. While the page only serves as a placeholder for now, there is a Whatsapp group.

Bitcoin MENA

Organizer: BTC Inc.

Location: Abu Dhabi

Dates: December 9 to December 10

For the first year, Bitcoin Magazine is now bringing a bitcoin event in the Middle East hosted in Abu Dhabi. Though there aren’t any announced speakers yet, the event has a LinkedIn page, and the Bitcoin Conference’s Nostr page will likely post more updates about the event as they come in.

Bitcoin Africa Conference

Organizer: Bitcoin Africa Conference

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Dates: December 9 to December 11

Bitcoin’s events calendar comes to Africa, with this conference convening in Nairobi, Kenya. Organized by a collective that spans the continent, the Bitcoin Africa Conference features speakers like Obi Nwosu, the founder of Fedi.

Events likely in early 2025

Events like bitcoin++, Bitcoin Policy Summit, Bitcoin Atlantis, and BitBlockBoom are likely to occur again in early 2025, with dates mainly towards the early half of the year and on a recurring basis. Cheatcode, built by Peter McCormick of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, may also recur.

As bitcoin matures, it’s likely that more and more events that bill themselves as Bitcoin-only will spawn worldwide—and one-time events may become recurring events. These hubs for learning, community, and connection will do much to spread and strengthen bitcoin around the world.