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There’s no place like home…or is there? April’s stars launch an exploration of your roots, your foundations and what makes you feel emotionally secure. These may not be topics that you spend time pontificating on, Capricorn. But with the Sun, Mercury retrograde and a total solar eclipse in Aries, your domestic fourth house is getting a major blast of energy. From family to your living situation to those pesky feelings, there’s no denying the precedence of your personal life and needs. 

With the Sun in Aries until April 19, you’ve got three solid weeks to attend to that. Hibernation may be over for the rest of the zodiac, but you’ve got planetary permission to hunker down at home base a little longer. You’re probably making up for January anyhow. With go-getter Mars in Capricorn from January 4 to February 13, this year got off to a blazing-fast start for you. Take time now to recharge and regroup.

Another reason to slow down? Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is in its tricky retrograde cycle from April 1 to 25. With the quicksilver planet backing through Aries, you may need to navigate scrambled signals on the homefront. From bickering with roommates and relatives to home appliances going on the fritz to delays around renovations or a move, you’ll need to lean in to your world-famous Capricorn patience. 

Accept the things you can’t change and focus on what you CAN impact. Here’s an idea: Slip off the radar for self-care and some emotional restoration time. Give yourself permission to ask for support, especially from family and loved ones. You don’t always have to be the rock for everyone else!

Pondering a relocation? Mercury retrograde is a tricky time for signing legal documents and paperwork. Take your time with leases, mortgages and any home-related contracts, and if you possibly can, delay signing until after April 25 

Besides, an unexpected plot twist may be on the horizon. On April 8, a total solar eclipse sweeps through Aries, and this supercharged new (super)moon could have surprises in store! This day will feature SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, the north node and healer-feeler Chiron. We’ve nicknamed it the Chironeclipse since Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon.

The fourth house rules women, and your mother, a child or a particular female relative could figure into the month’s main events. For some Capricorns, this eclipse could bring pregnancy news or inspire an unexpected bout of baby fever.

With analytical Mercury and healer-feeler Chiron hovering near the moon, a deep dive into your feelings could lead to some important discoveries. Do some inner work around conditioned behaviors that no longer serve you (we all have our share of unconscious ones) and reconnect with your roots. A new emotional chapter could open suddenly, one that unfolds over the coming six months. Exploring your childhood patterns, ancestry and family of origin themes could become an obsessive quest starting near the solar eclipse.

At eclipses, things move quickly—and your best practice will be to expect the unexpected. Even if you’re not considering a change to your living situation, one could come upon you quickly. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, a new roommate or a “for sale” sign stuck into the lawn, see what this fresh lunar chapter inspires. Family dynamics might be up for some rapid overhauling during this transformational time.

This is the second of spring’s two eclipses, which are here to reshuffle your work-life integration and help you find better balance between the two. The first, on March 25, was in Libra and shone a spotlight on your tenth house of career and leadership. You may have gotten a big glimpse of what your professional path and purpose could be. This month, your mission is to create a solid foundation that will support your big goals. And if that means paying attention to your “inner child” and emotional health as well, so be it!

A surge of spring fever arrives on April 19, when the Sun begins a monthlong visit to Taurus, your fifth house of romance, passion and play. After a few weeks feeling housebound, reflective or even a bit moody, your joie de vivre returns. Ah, now that’s more like it. 

Swap out those yoga pants or comfy sweats for something a bit more body-con. Peel yourself off the couch and dress up, hit the salon and go out dancing. This is your cosmic coming-out party, Capricorn, so don’t squander a month of good times! 

The invites and attractions could spark up fast and suddenly. On April 20, risk taker Jupiter and changemaker Uranus make their ultra-rare (once every 14 years) conjunction, meeting up in Taurus for the first time since May 1941. 

The combination of these two freedom-loving planets in your romantic, expressive fifth house could bring everything from a stroke of creative genius to a stopped-in-your-tracks attraction. If you’ve been feeling caged in by a suffocating relationship or artistically blocked, get ready to throw off those shackles. 

But careful, Capricorn. This impulsive energy is almost like a bonus eclipse, when you’re at risk for being reactive and making rash moves. Allow us to remind you (of all people) that feelings aren’t facts. Just because you’re flooded with emotional energy or totally triggered doesn’t mean you should act on that. We’re issuing this warning now because once your buttons are pushed, all rational responses will go out the window!

If you’re thinking of making a big reveal, bear in mind that Mercury retrograde lasts until April 25. Once that toothpaste is out of the tube, there’s no putting it back. Your grand plans deserve to be fully scoped out, and you’ll want to wait for Mercury’s dust to settle before sending an announcement across the land. 

Protect your intellectual property AND your privacy, even if you’re having a “screw it, just do it” moment. Sleep on it before you release a new musical track, publicly update your relationship status on social media or post those racy boudoir shots. Are you ready to field all the reactions to your bombshell news?

A little temperature check will do you right. And you can test the waters on April 23, when the Scorpio full moon beams into your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A collaboration could turn official, or you might identify some great people who can help your mission. Get out and network or gather your friends for a lively meetup. This full moon reminds you that it IS about who you know, Capricorn. Keep bonds intact by prioritizing quality time together. 

If you’re enhancing your digital presence or launching an online venture, la luna can amplify your efforts. Is there a cause or community that’s close to your heart? The end of April is a prime time to give back through a socially conscious contribution. Put your time, energy and money where your morals are!

But DO use the Mercury retrograde period, if not the entire rest of April, to test and tweak and get everyone on the same page. If there are still simmering tensions on the Sea Goat Squad, use the rest of the month to resolve them. Parting ways with a group? Say your goodbyes and complete your obligations so you can make a smooth exit, hopefully without burning any bridges. You never know when paths may cross again.

Go out or stay in? Your inner homebody duels with your social butterfly side this month, especially when it comes to love. On the one hand, spicy Mars is sashaying through Pisces until April 30, heating up your communicative and outgoing third house. You could be a bit argumentative during this cycle, but also extra flirty and unabashed about telling someone you’re interested.

But wait…are you sure you want to say that? A wave of sensitivity and even nostalgia could wash over you when Venus flits through Aries and your emotional fourth house from April 5 to 29. After spending the first quarter of 2024 in close connection, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will finally split up this month. 

The fourth house rules home and family, and once Venus arrives here on the 5th you could find yourself craving a few more cozy nights in, even talking about meeting each other’s relatives, moving in together or starting a brood of your own. Longtime couples could look at real estate or spruce up your shared household.

This new Venus cycle adds a softening touch to balance out brash Mars. But with Mercury retrograde and an April 8 solar eclipse also in Aries, you could be extra sensitive, prone to taking things personally. Feelings you’ve held back could come surging up when you least expect it. Take time to nurture yourself with rest, nourishing food and downtime so you’re less prone to lashing out if you get triggered. Pause, breathe and take a time-out when you feel flooded. It will make all the difference!

This is the least work-centric month of the year for you, as the Sun travels through Aries and Taurus, your fourth house of home and fifth house of play, respectively. It’s important to take a break from the grind and thinking about the future. While enjoying the present isn’t always easy for your future-focused sign, it’s incredibly healthy and restorative to “be here now.”

Whenever you are working, focus on cultivating a more personal touch in your business relationships. Ask your coworkers how they’re doing (within appropriate parameters, of course) and get interested in who they are. During Taurus season, which starts on April 19, some fun outings like a Happy Hour or karaoke with your colleagues could facilitate more bonding too.

Pro tip: While Mercury’s retrograde from April 1 to 25, you’ll need to be extra careful about the things you say and touching on sensitive or overly personal topics at work. Your points could be misinterpreted. Even your most polished presentation could come off the wrong way. Choose your words with care and think twice before you press “post” or “publish.”

If you’re in a creative field, the April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could bring the spotlight your way. Get ready: One of your artistic projects could gain major traction or you could be recognized and celebrated for your trailblazing ideas.

Love Days: 10, 14

Money Days: 21, 4

Luck Days: 19, 1

Off Days: 12, 15, 26

Prepare for Venus Retrograde:

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