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Meteor showers and 4 supermoons: What skygazers can look out for in 2024

August will see the Perseids peak over Singapore between Aug 12 and Aug 13, according to the Time and Date website.

Singapore Calendar Year  - Singapore Calendar
Singapore Calendar Year – Singapore Calendar

It is known for being one of the brighter annual showers, SCOB said in a previous statement, and gets its name as it comes from the same direction as the constellation Perseus.

December will also see the Geminids peak on the night between Dec 13 and Dec 14, said Time and Date. 

October  - Singapore Monthly Calendar with Holidays
October – Singapore Monthly Calendar with Holidays

“As with each season of meteor shower, we recommend stargazers to check out the position of the constellations and stargaze later into the night,” said SCOB. 

The observatory advised that the best places to catch meteor showers would be unblocked open areas with minimal light pollution such as nature parks, beaches, and reservoirs. 

“Avoid gazing directly at the radiant constellations and instead look at dark areas around it to spot the meteor streaks. Do also take relevant safety precautions when you’re out stargazing in the dark,” it added. 

There will be four consecutive supermoons from August to November. 

The one in October will be the closest to Earth while the full moon in August – known as the Sturgeon Moon – will also be a Blue Moon as it happens to be the third full moon of the season, said SCOB. 

“While there is no official definition for the supermoon, these four full moons in August, September, October and November occur when the moon is relatively nearer to the Earth, causing it to appear brighter and more prominent,” said SCOB.

Stargazers should also note that the moon’s appearance can vary depending on atmospheric conditions and viewing location, it added.