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The Major Astrology Moments Of 2024 To Mark In Your Calendar

Another year is upon us and with it comes a fresh set of astrological events for 2024. We’re calling them ‘events’ but, really we’re talking about the big planetary happenings that will affect us all – for better or worse.

November  Calendar  Templates for Word, Excel and PDF
November Calendar Templates for Word, Excel and PDF

Think: eclipses, retrogrades, when planets move into new signs or move closer to other planets causing great blessings or perhaps an obstacle or two. 

Needless to say, 2024 is set to bring some exciting changes among the stars. 

November and December  Calendar Template - Edit Online
November and December Calendar Template – Edit Online

Key Dates For Astrology 2024 Jupiter Stations Direct: December 31st, 2023  Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: December 12th, 2023 – January 1st, 2024 Pluto in Aquarius: January 20th – September 1st, 2024; November 19th, 2024 – March 8th, 2043 Lunar Eclipse in Libra:  March 25th, 2024 Mercury Retrograde in Aries: April 1st – April 25th, 2024 Solar Eclipse in Aries:  April 8th, 2024 Uranus and Jupiter Conjunction: April 20, 2024 Jupiter Enters Gemini: May 25th, 2024 Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo: August 4th – August 28th, 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Pisces:  September 17th, 2024 Solar Eclipse in Libra: October 2nd, 2024, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: November 25th – December 15th, 2024 Mars Retrograde in Leo and Cancer: December 6th, 2024 – February 23rd, 2025

Here’s what you need to know about the year ahead, according to astrology.

November and December  Printable Calendar Template
November and December Printable Calendar Template

End Of Jupiter Retrograde: December 31, 2023

Last year, roughly seven planets retrograded at the same time. In 2024, one of these planets is turning back around – and that is the giant, Jupiter. And, to kick your year off with a bang, it’s happening on New Year’s Eve 2023.

It begins stationing direct around 2pm AEDT, bringing with it some clarity around any questions of belief, values or identity you might have been mulling over since September 2023.

“Jupiter is like, ‘what do I believe? What do I stand for?’ We’ve been revising, reviewing, reassessing what’s important for a few months, and now we get this lightning bolt of goodness, because whenever a planet stations direct, it amplifies everything it stands for,” explains astrologer Emma Vidgen .

“So, that’s happening on New Year’s Eve, which is nice!”

Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn: December 13, 2023 – January 2, 2024

That’s right, Mercury is finishing its retrograde through Capricorn right after the new year, meaning the vibe is due to shift right on time. While you’ll need some energy reserves to kick your year off right, the good news is, we normally want to turn over a new leaf at the start of the year – and the stars have finally picked some decent timing.

“Each retrograde cycle is a three-part drama,” Emma explains. “There’s the shadow period, which is the period leading up to the retrograde, then there’s the retrograde, and then there is the other side when mercury has gone direct and we’re left ironing out all the kinks.”

Take it easy for the first weeks of 2024. Image: Getty

“Those first two weeks in January, we’re really still dealing with the clean-up from the fall-out of the last two weeks of December. All of the emotional churn that’s come up during the retrograde in December is going to start to resolve itself.”

While it sounds threatening – it’s not all bad. Emma sees it as a “line in the sand” to all the retrograde drama. 

“It’s like, okay, we’re wiping the slate clean. We’re moving on.”

Pluto in Aquarius: January 20 – September 1, 2024; November 19, 2024 – March 8, 2043

Pluto has been moving back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius since 2023. It moved into Aquarius between March 23 and June 11, 2023 – then later retrograded back in to Capricorn, where it’s been since 2008.

From January 20, 2024 it will spend most of the year in its new home of Aquarius – except for a quick trip back to Capricorn between September and November – before staying in Aquarius until 2043. Yep, there’s a new age of [Pluto in] Aquarius! 

“Pluto transits are always about society at large,” Emma explains. “It feels really significant on a kind of global stage level. Pluto won’t go back into Capricorn for another 200 years, so it’s a big deal.”

Pluto rules the economy, global markets and the way we define wealth, while Capricorn is very much about traditional ideas and principles. So, as Pluto leaves this sector of old-fashioned ideas, and enters progressive and abstract-thinking Aquarius, Emma thinks we might see new forms of wealth and currency.

Pluto in Aquarius brings changes to how we define wealth – and your data is going to be key. Image: Getty

“Pluto in Aquarius is about this new class of wealth being centred around people who have access to the most data. It’s very much about tech and information and protecting your data and more mindful with what data you share,” she says. 

“I wonder if we’ll see the end of physical currency in this period or some big moment like that. It feels like this could be the death of cash.”

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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus In Taurus: April 20, 2024

According to Emma, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is “probably the big moment of the year that everyone’s going to be talking about from an astrology perspective.”

On April 20, Jupiter will meet Uranus in Taurus. While Jupiter is the planet of belief and ‘the big picture’, Uranus represents rebellion and revolution. Therefore, the meeting of these two planets is  – to quote Emma – “going to be huge”. 

“Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions are historically a time of big revolutions,” Emma explains. “So, there’s this rising up of people based on belief.  It will be a very significant moment from a more macro perspective.”

Meanwhile, on a personal level, this conjunction will impact the area of your chart where Taurus sits. If you know where Taurus is in your chart, consider how the planet of defiance might lead to bigger things for you in that area. 

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Aries / Libra Eclipses 2024: March – April and September – October

These are the second and third instalments of an eclipse season that started back in April 2023. Eclipses always happen on the same axis of zodiac signs in a series of two or three. This eclipse season, spanning 2023 and 2024, is occurring in opposing signs of Aries and Libra.

“It is reaching crunch time in this story that has been happening in the Aries/Libra part of your chart,” Emma says of the 2024 eclipses.

“Whatever you’ve been trying to work out or learn around tendencies to make decisions based on what other people expect of you – trying to be all things to all people, playing the peacemaker – all of those things are nice, but when you do them to the point of where you’re not looking after your own needs, they can become quite toxic. That’s been a big theme of this eclipse season.

“Now, we’re going to see some decisions that need to be made where you’re being tested about what you’ve learned so far.”

Emma encourages you to reflect on how you can better advocate for yourself; how you can look after your own needs, while also being there for those who need you. 

“In that sense you need to consider boundaries, and the decisions that you’re making now are going to have long-reaching impacts on your relationships.”

Emma also adds that eclipses are renowned for being a “real cosmic clean-out”. She says they’re not time for doing astrological work, like manifesting or similar ritual work, you just need to “let them do their thing”. 

“They will clear out what is meant to go,” she says. “The thing to remember during eclipse season is that if things are starting to fall away, trust that they’re not meant to come with you.”

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Jupiter In Gemini: May 25, 2024 – June 9, 2025

Yes, more Jupiter activity to bless your year! Jupiter typically stays in a sign for about 12 months, meaning it spent most of 2023 in Taurus. Now, in May 2024, it makes its grand entrance into the sign of Gemini. 

Jupiter’s movements are all about “how we find perspective and hone our world view,” Emma says. Jupiter in Gemini – the sign of the twins, duality and curiosity – is going to enhance our collaborative efforts, our social calendar and chameleonic qualities. In fact, if you’ve been thinking about starting a side-hustle – now is the time to go for it!

“Anything where you think you’ve got to choose this or that, reframe it as ‘I can be both’. Replace your ‘ors’ with ‘ands’,” Emma explains. 

Jupiter in Gemini also has the potential to blow up your social calendar, so don’t be afraid to start saying ‘yes’ to meeting new people or trying new things. 

This planetary movement is going to be particularly potent if your rising sign is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo: August 4 – August 28, 2024

You know what we just said about Jupiter in Gemini being a social time? Well, the first mercury retrograde under this astrology could see your plans backfire. 

“I would say the theme of this retrograde will be overextending yourself,” Emma notes. “Like, saying, ‘yes, I can do that’, then it gets to the night before and you’re going to be like, ‘why did I say yes to this?’

“Overextending, saying yes to too many things, social burnout – they’re all potential hazards of this mercury retrograde.”

However, Emma adds that in the grand scheme of Mercury Retrogrades, this one might not be as heavy. In fact, it could be a little more fun than usual. 

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: September 18, 2024

With the end of the Aries-Libra eclipse cycle in sight, we have a lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 17. This is the beginning of the next season of eclipses in Pisces and Virgo, which will carry over into 2025. 

The start of a new eclipse cycle in Pisces and Virgo is going to test your relationships. Image: Getty

“It’s a preview to what the next 18 months will be about, and that is going to be highlighting relationships, especially for people with Virgo or Pisces rising,” Emma explains, adding that it’s a “big, big evolution” from the previous eclipse season. 

“The pressure will be off for people with cardinal rising signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn,” she adds. 

There is one more solar eclipse in Libra after this, on October 2. (You can read more about that in the Aries-Libra eclipse section.)

Mars Retrograde in Leo: December 6, 2024 – February 23, 2025

“Mars retrograde is all about having time to reflect and reassess how we do confrontation,” Emma begins.  “But it’s also how we deal with productivity.”

You’re going to be tested in how well you stand up for yourself and set boundaries and limits. 

“It’s definitely time to wind back on pushing yourself too hard. You can often feel really lethargic with a Mars retrograde, and I think having it come right at the end of the year, you’re just going to be knackered,” Emma adds.

She also says that it’s a good time to take some annual leave over the Christmas period and stepping away from your regular Christmas duties.

“Step away from the people in your family that are like a landmine. If you’re thinking of having Christmas in Bali this year, then that’s okay!”

Preserve your energy in this time. 

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