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TS SSC Result 2024 (OUT) Live Updates: Telangana Class 10th results announced at; 91.31% pass

THE TIMES OF INDIA | Apr 30, 2024, 15:06:59 IST

TS SSC Class 10 Result 2024 Live Updates: The Telangana State Board of Secondary Education has released the much-awaited TS SSC results for the academic year 2024, marking a significant moment for students across the state. With meticulous planning and thorough examination processes, the board successfully conducted the SSC Public Examinations from March 18 to April 2, 2024. Following this period, spot valuation took place diligently from April 3 to April 13, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the assessment process.

Telugu Festivals  November PDF Download
Telugu Festivals November PDF Download

A total of 5,08,330 candidates registered for the SSC Public Examinations, March-2024, reflecting the considerable participation and engagement of students in the academic assessments. Among them, both regular and private candidates combined to reach a significant figure of 5,05,813, indicating a surge in participation compared to the previous year. This increase of 388 candidates from the SSC Public Examinations conducted in April-2023 highlights the growing significance of the examinations in shaping academic trajectories.

Upon the announcement of the results, the state witnessed a commendable overall pass percentage among regular candidates, standing at an impressive 91.31%. However, a closer examination reveals notable disparities between genders, with girls outperforming boys in both regular and private categories. Among regular candidates, girls secured a remarkable pass percentage of 93.23%, surpassing boys by 3.81 percentage points. Similarly, among private candidates, girls exhibited a higher pass percentage of 54.14%, surpassing boys by 6.74 percentage points.

Telugu Calendar , November
Telugu Calendar , November

This disparity underscores the importance of addressing gender-specific challenges and implementing targeted interventions to ensure equitable academic outcomes for all students. Additionally, the successful conduct of the examinations and the subsequent announcement of results stand as a testament to the dedication and efforts of students, educators, and educational stakeholders in upholding the integrity and excellence of the Telangana education system. As students receive their results and embark on their academic journeys, the TS SSC results serve as a milestone, paving the way for future successes and accomplishments.

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