Month Of May 2025 Printable Calendar

Curtis Coulter’s 2025 Sale Creek Historical Calendar Coming Soon

Sale Creek historian Curtis N. Coulter (Coulter Publications) announced the availability of the 2025 Sale Creek Historical Calendar entitled “At Home in Sale Creek, Tennessee” beginning next Wednesday.

May  Calendar (Free Printable) – DIY Projects, Patterns
May Calendar (Free Printable) – DIY Projects, Patterns

It is available either on the website or in selected local businesses. Pre-orders are currently being taken immediately so that interested persons can reserve their copies.

Mr. Coulter said, “This calendar is uniquely Sale Creek. Almost every day of the year (354 in all) contains an event that happened at some point in the history of our town. Those include church and community organization founding dates, land transfers, births, deaths, and anniversaries of notable citizens, peach and strawberry boxcar loadings, the arrival of 247 German POWs in World War II, the date that the name Sale Creek came into existence in 1779, notable sports events, shootings, killings, car wrecks, train wrecks, plane crashes, Civil War troop movements, storms, weather extremes, disasters, and many more.

May  Calendar Printable
May Calendar Printable

“Each picture page includes a photograph of an iconic sight in town including the Sale Creek, the Mill Dam, Rock Creek, Sale Creek Mountain, McDonald Farm, Pitty Pat Hollow, and more. The pictures were produced by professional photographers.

“Some of the months contain historical snippets at the bottom of the page, and some contain humorous sayings of some town residents of the past.”

May  Calendar - Free Printable with Holidays and Observances
May Calendar – Free Printable with Holidays and Observances

The calendars will not be available in local businesses or for mailout until Wednesday, but they can be ordered by Internet, and Mr. Coulter will ship them as quickly as possible after receiving them from the printer. Postage and handling will be $5.50.

You may find the calendar on The site shows payment by PayPal; however, if you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so by accepting the PayPal option. When you go to the next page, you will be able to change to a credit card.

Copies of the calendar will be available beginning Wednesday at the Sale Creek Post Office, Small Town Antique Mall in Sale Creek, and at The Gathering Place in Dayton.

Well over half of the incidents recorded on the calendar were described in greater detail in Mr. Coulter’s book An Excursion to the Past, which is also available on the website. If you have not purchased a copy yet, you may do so, or you can get that book and Mr. Coulter’s book of folklore, stories, and tall tales from Sale Creek at a combo price of $40 instead of $47.

He said, “The calendar is something that all residents, past residents, and interested parties in the history of Sale Creek will enjoy possessing long after 2025 ends. I started the sale of this calendar early because, of course, calendars do go out of date; however, this is a document that I feel certain you will treasure for a lifetime because of the information included as well as the beautiful photographs of the iconic scenes here.”