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Your independent spirit could use a vacation from time to time, and this month, you’ll get one. The Sun is paying its annual visit to your relationship houses all of June (and well into July), granting you cosmic permission to lean on others and forge dynamic duos. 

And you might as well get used to it, Sagittarius—because tag-teaming will be your best M.O. for the next two YEARS. Yes, we said years! Your ruling planet, Jupiter, cruises through Gemini (from May 25, 2024, until June 9, 2025) then Cancer for another 12 months, bringing its expansive touch to your seventh and eighth houses of partnerships and joint ventures. 

Until June 20, the Sun will trek through Gemini and your seventh house of relationships, spotlighting your closest unions, and then it will spend four weeks in Cancer and your intense eighth house of intimate bonds. Where could you use some extra support, Archer? The energizing Sun is at its furthest distance from Sagittarius while it’s in your opposite sign of Gemini, a time when your own life-force energy is lower than usual. Getting a vitality transfusion from others will get you through the heavy emotions or brief bouts of melancholy that could come over you now.

On June 2, Jupiter will meet up in a rare 120-degree trine, a harmonious and cooperative angle, with potent Pluto in Aquarius for the first time since 2016. Aquarius rules your third house of kindred spirits and communication, and this Jupiter-Pluto summit could bring big news or a chance to join forces with a power player. Is this a “1+1=3” kind of equation, where the two of you together become greater than the sum of your parts? Explore—and ask all the penetrating questions you need to. 

In astrology, these two planets could not be more different. As we like to say, truth-teller Jupiter reveals and secretive Pluto conceals. Their conjunction could shine a giant klieg light on a problem you’ve been trying to solve by yourself with no luck. Who’s that missing puzzle piece that’s been hiding in plain sight? Today, you could find out. A wise person could also help you shift your mindset or could guide you to information—a book, podcast or course, perhaps—that finally helps you surmount a frustrating plateau.

Before we’re a week into the month, your mission becomes clear: Find your people. With a strong inner circle, you can do anything. Without one, you’ll struggle. And if the Jupiter-Pluto meetup doesn’t deliver, the June 6 Gemini new moon should. From contracts to commitments, things could turn official, or you could connect with a person worthy of that “best supporting actor” role. 

With romantic Venus making an exact conjunction (meetup) to the new moon, your love life gets an extra hit of magic. If you’re currently flying solo, you could meet someone who turns out to be a major figure in your life. Let the relationship unfold between now and the December 15 Gemini full moon. But take it at your own steady emotional pace. A tense 90-degree square from cautious Saturn in your fourth house of feelings and foundations indicates that you may not be ready to hang a “Vacancy” sign on your heart just yet. 

In business and romance, the Sun prompts you to take inventory of your inner circle this month. Whose skills and interests mesh the best with yours? Where could friendships and long-term bonds be more balanced? Allowing others to lend their magic to the equation can make the end result so much better. When you catch yourself saying “I’ll just do it myself” (a common Sagittarius refrain), pause and replace that with “Who could be a great partner for me on this?” Instead of taking the whole burden on your shoulders, give people a chance to rise to the occasion. With clear instructions, they might just outperform your expectations! 

On June 11, a tense alignment of assertive Mars and domineering Pluto could stir the pot when it comes to communication. Your claws could come out in an important pitch meeting or brainstorming session. Planning a long weekend event with friends and family? Be ready to compromise and collaborate if you want to avoid a heated disagreement. 

Someone’s perfectionism—maybe your own—might become the bane of your existence by creating irksome speed bumps. Be mindful not to push your own agenda at all costs: That could backfire big-time. Stay hyper-focused on a writing project, but don’t forget to check in with your team. Their input could save you a headache or two down the line.

You’ll be in the mood to slip off the grid starting June 20, when the Sun enters Cancer and your private, intimate eighth house for a month.A sexy summertime affair could spark up—or you might revel in the solitude of your own company now. Overall, you’ll feel more sensual in your skin. Try slowing down and adopting a calmer pace. Recharge your batteries and escape the crowds. Carve out time in your cocoon—whether that’s in a hidden hammock or on a beach blanket with a juicy book. 

The later part of summer, while the Sun is in Leo and Virgo, is always active for you. Use this month to recharge and do that behind-the-scenes prep before Leo season starts on July 22. At work, dive into a research project. Your powers of concentration are amplified now. Major money moves could also be on the agenda with the Sun revving up your wealth sector. From a real estate deal to passive income to investments, you could be negotiating win-win arrangements with powerful, well-connected people.

A grounding moment arrives the next day, when the June 21 Capricorn full moon illuminates your second house of money and security. A moneymaking endeavor you’ve been working on since the January 11 Capricorn new moon could come to fruition. What a sweet start to summer indeed! 

This prosperous full moon is good news all by itself, but this year, it’s even better! In 2024, there will be a rare TWO full moons in Capricorn, spaced a month apart. Between now and July 21, double down on your efforts to stabilize your finances and plans. If you’re juggling a lot of different ideas and projects, the trick is to prioritize. As a “more is more” Sagittarius, that might feel like you’re limiting your options. In truth, you’re setting yourself up for greater success. Pick ONE main goal and use your most productive hours to chip away at it.

On June 29, structured Saturn turns retrograde, a reflective backspin that calls for self-examination before you make any hasty moves or decisions. Saturn will reverse through Pisces and your domestic fourth house, putting a finer point on any personal decisions and their repercussions. Plans to start a family, buy a home or to move could slow down while Saturn reverses through this part of your chart until November 15.

During this stretch, you may need a little extra solitude to think through what you desire most for your personal and domestic life. You may have been so hyper-focused on changing your lifestyle, moving or tending to family that you’ve barely taken the time to breathe. Now you can be proactive about getting some much-needed space and reconnecting with your emotions. Take up a twice-weekly yoga practice or try a meditation challenge to help you re-center. 

If an old childhood wound flares up around this time, seek guidance through therapy or the wisdom of an older, more experienced friend or relative. Find solace in the company of someone who’s been there, and listen wholeheartedly to what they have to say. Since the fourth house rules mothers and women, you could reconnect with a maternal figure. Or, if things have gotten a bit co-dependent between you and a close person, Saturn retrograde can be a good time to create a little space and breathing room. 

Returning to a nostalgic summer spot that reminds you of simpler times isn’t typically what your novelty-seeking sign looks for in a vacation. But in 2024, the idea of that could be surprisingly appealing. If it helps you slow down, get back into your body and ease your nervous system, head there for some chill R&R. Connecting to loyal, stable and unconditionally loving people from your past will also help anchor you. Distance yourself from anyone who doesn’t fit that description!

Is it time to turn your flirtations into something more official? Until June 17, romantic Venus is sailing through Gemini and your committed-relationship sector. And for the next 12 months, your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Gemini too, a visit that hasn’t happened since 2013! Single Sags could meet someone with long-term potential—and you might just decide to take that next step. At the very least, you’ll be open to exploring what’s possible with this person. If you’re already in a relationship, harmonizer Venus helps you get back in sync and enjoy each other’s company with sweet gestures and meaningful encounters. 

Your spring has already had some sizzle thanks to randy Mars visiting Aries and your passionate fifth house since April 30. On June 9, the red planet exits this amorous nook and zips into grounded Taurus and your health-conscious sixth house. You’re more apt to get hot and sweaty on your Peloton or on an outdoor hike than in the boudoir, so make good use of those first few days of the month.

Fear not: Your Sexy Sagittarius Summer still awaits! On June 17, Venus spins into Cancer and heats up your erotic eighth house until July 11. Prepare to go deep, especially when the Sun slides into Cancer for a month on June 20. A mind-body-soul connection could occupy your attention for the next four weeks. Are you a wee bit obsessed with this new situation, Sag? You could be. Don’t lose sight of the shore if you get swept into the emotion ocean.

Partner up and prosper! With the Sun in Gemini and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships until June 20—and expansive Jupiter here for a full year—you’re driven to team up. Seek out people whose skills complement yours and work your superpowers together. Hammer out the terms of collaborations, with an eye toward fairness. 

At the June 6 Gemini new moon, firm up agreements and contracts: Putting formal terms in place gives you a beautiful starting point. Then get to it! 

Are all your systems in place and ready to handle whatever project you take on? Go-getter Mars is in Taurus all month, heating up your sixth house of organization and helpful people. From your admin team to June 9 to July 20 to lock down things under the hood.

Luckily, you’ve got two sweet success spots in the stars this summer. A rare double-header of Capricorn full moons will light the skies on June 21 and July 21, illuminating your second house of money and security. A little more stability doesn’t sound like a bad thing, especially when it comes to your bottom line. Take advantage of these moments to bring a revenue-generating project to fruition, especially one involving something you started on or near the June 11 Capricorn new moon.

Love Days: 28, 6

Money Days: 13, 21

Luck Days: 10, 19

Off Days: 4, 8, 18

Prepare for Venus Retrograde:

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