May 2025 Calendar With Holidays

Department of Education announces 2025 school calendar

The kids will have a 200-day school year in 2025. 

Free May  Calendar Printable PDF Template with Holidays
Free May Calendar Printable PDF Template with Holidays

The Department of Education has released the 2025 school calendar just as the kids prepare to return this week for term three. The calendar includes an extra three special days. 

“According to the calendar, the 2025 school year will commence on 15 January and conclude on 12 December. It’s worth noting that 2025 is expected to have 27 standard school holidays, an increase from the 25 holidays in 2024.” (Business Tech)

May  Calendar (Free Printable) – DIY Projects, Patterns
May Calendar (Free Printable) – DIY Projects, Patterns

These holidays will be on the following dates:

Tuesday, 29 April;Wednesday, 30 April; andFriday, 2 May 2025.

May  with holidays calendar
May with holidays calendar

Interestingly, despite these three extra days, the number of days is still fewer than in previous school calendars. 

In 2025, Freedom Day will be observed on Monday, 28 April, despite the actual day falling on Sunday, 27 April 2025.

By section 2(1) of the Act, “whenever a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a public holiday.” (Business Insider)

Because Worker’s Day falls in the same week, on the 1st of May 2025, the Department of Education and the relevant stakeholders decided to declare the rest of the week special school holidays. This means teachers and students will have days off on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

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