March 2024 Calendar With Holidays

Every UK bank holiday to add to your calendar in 2024

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March  with holidays calendar
March with holidays calendar

Oh I see. Dreaming of days off eh?

Last year brought many memorable moments (good and bad) and gave us a well-earned extra break, with King Charles III’s coronation ceremony which took place at Westminster Abbey in May.

Printable March  Calendar
Printable March Calendar

That same month, people also had the joys of the spring bank holiday, which blossomed its way through the UK and gave many some extra time off.

And of course, we ended the year with another much-needed break as Christmas and Boxing Day came knocking on our door once more.

As for 2024, the UK is set to many major sporting events and music festivals including the Six Nations Army, London Marathon, Women’s FA Cup Final and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Bank holiday dates coming up in 2024

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When is the next bank holiday?

The next bank holiday will be on Good Friday which is Friday 29 March 2024.

It’s time to make the most of the bank holiday with your family and friends and visit some of your favourite spots.

Here’s a complete list of this year’s confirmed bank holiday dates in England and Wales:

Friday 29 March 2024Monday 1 April 2024 Monday 6 May 2024Monday 27 May 2024 Monday 26 August 2024Wednesday 25 December 2024Thursday 26 December 2024

Want to plan for next year? Here are some confirmed dates for 2025:

Wednesday 1 January 2025 Friday 18 April 2025 Monday 21 April 2025Monday 5 May 2025 Monday 26 May 2025 Monday 25 August 2025 Thursday 25 December 2025 Friday 26 December 2025