June And July Calendar

Trina Machacek: A calendar of events

I just can’t wait for some months to start. June. June is the best month of the year in my humble opinion. Summer starts, my lawn will have been mowed at least four times and the weeds are sprayed and not to mention June is my birthday month. Hey! I said not to mention it!

The second-best month? Any month that doesn’t have a birthday that I need to remember. Don’t get me wrong. I love to celebrate birthdays. I find it sadly weird when someone doesn’t celebrate the day the doctor slapped their little pink behinds into this world. The number of years is important. Whether it is one or 101.

I wonder if two people at any one time were born and took their very first breaths at the exact same time. Oh, I know there are a few people in my neck of the woods that have the same birthday as me. One is even a judge! But! Yes, a full breath of a “but.” (Now that’s weird!)

How many people were born on the exact day, year, hour, minute, second as me, and took their first breath at the exact same time as me? There has to have been someone. You would think that I could feel a kinship or a mystic pull if there was someone that started life on earth at the same time as me. Or me at the same time as them. A bit like the butterfly effect. Could it be I am linked to someone and them to me? Quite a deep thought. Oh! Enough metaphysical wondering. My head hurts now.

As the new year comes into play a new calendar is hung. It’s a big thing to me to change a whole calendar. Not just turning the page. A whole new stack of pages. I created a calendar last year and had a great time turning the pages during the past year. I got sidetracked and didn’t get one done this year but here are my thoughts about my next one I hopefully get to put together for 2025. I am going to ruffle feathers and not put the coldest picture in December.

Nope, I am going to put it in July. Mess with people’s minds a little. What else could be better to have a picture of some snow and ice and burr, when July rolls around and everyone you know is panting and complaining about the heat? I know. I know. It’s out of the normal view of the world. But that is what makes life so exciting. Seeing how we, you, me, and those people, can make a bubble in life. Create an itch and then scratch it.

How could you not notice and maybe even giggle a bit if you turned from July to August and instead of seeing a field of wildflowers and blue sky with big ole white puffy clouds, you come face to face with the beauty of a fresh snowfall on a landscape that sparkles with those diamonds we all see in the sunshine on the snow-covered vista? How refreshing would that be? Or in spring. Seeing fall colors or a bonfire with smores being gobbled by sticky kids. Yes, I think it would be a head turner.

The calendar is full of events. My neighbor and I are in sync when it comes to holidays and things being closed on holidays. I know we all deserve holidays. But one a month seems to be a bit much. We will be talking and one of us will say we have to go the bank or post office on Monday morning. You know, because it’s important. Then, bang-holiday!

That will just mess with your whole week. We better scoot along before a holiday comes along and I miss a deadline because of it. HAHA never happened in the eleven years of Is This You?! Newspaper editors never get a day off!

Last year at this time a friend talked me into buying one of those year date/appointment books. You put in the month and all your stuff to remember. I gave it the old college try. Now I know why I didn’t go to college. I messed it up on the first month. We bought these in February, so I started the first page with a day in February.

No matter what you do with appointments, the year will never be right when you start in February. I missed April all together. I wrote stuff for July in June. Somehow October had been moved to August. Finally in September it was pronounced deceased. Happily, I went back to hanging sticky notes everywhere! Happy New Year and all year long.

Trina Machacek lives in Diamond Valley north of Eureka. Email [email protected].

June and July  Printable Calendar Template
June and July Printable Calendar Template
Printable June July  Calendar  June calendar printable
Printable June July Calendar June calendar printable