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5 easy ways to make extra cash this March You can easily earn extra cash this month by taking paid surveys online, Getty Images

It’s never too late to earn some extra cash. And, with inflation still problematic (albeit significantly cooled) and interest rates making borrowing more expensive, many Americans find themselves in need of some additional funding. But taking on a part-time job or working on the weekends simply isn’t feasible for many. 

Homemade Gifts Made Easy Calendar January   Printable wall
Homemade Gifts Made Easy Calendar January Printable wall

Fortunately, there are some viable ways to make extra cash as soon as this month — and you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to get it. While most of these options won’t make you rich, every extra dollar helps, particularly if you don’t need to pay commuting costs or set-up fees. Below, we’ll break down five easy ways to make extra cash this March.

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August  Calendar  Free Printable with Holidays
August Calendar Free Printable with Holidays

5 easy ways to make extra cash this March

Here are five simple — but effective — ways to earn some extra cash this month.

August  Calendar  Free Printable with Holidays
August Calendar Free Printable with Holidays

Take paid surveys

It’s a presidential election year, so you may have already participated in a survey or poll for free. So why not switch it up and get paid for your thoughts? 

Multiple companies are willing to pay you to take paid surveys online right now. By signing up for a free account and answering a few basic questions you can get set up with surveys that match your profile and interests. 

From there, you’ll be free to complete as many surveys as your free time allows. While you won’t get rich with this particular strategy, the returns could add up over time, allowing you to make extra money both this month and over the long term.

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Sell your used items

Take a look around at home. Chances are good that you have used items that are still in good shape that you simply don’t need anymore. If so, consider selling them online instead. 

While you likely won’t be able to get the full price you initially paid for them, it’s still better than letting them remain unused. Items ranging from electronics to kitchen appliances to unworn clothes can all be valuable to the right buyer, so why not make some extra money by selling them online?

Provide tutoring services

Do you have expert knowledge about a specific school subject or topic? Then consider using that knowledge to help others by providing tutoring services for pay. You can do this from the comfort of your kitchen table or by traveling to your students directly. Plus, you can dictate your fees and schedule, making this a flexible way to earn substantial income.

Become a dog walker

Are you a dog or cat person? If you’re the former then look into becoming a dog walker. Many people may benefit from the help you can provide, particularly during the holiday season and the summer vacation months. 

This is another job where you can dictate your pay (within reason), but you’ll be tied to a somewhat tight schedule. That said, if you can, you may want to walk multiple dogs at once, multiplying your income at the same time.

Rent your home

Just like it could be beneficial to look around your home for unused items to sell, it could also be advantageous to look for sections to rent. Whether it be the full home, a side apartment, a basement or even a pool, there are myriad ways to rent out your home to paying customers. 

While you will lose some of the space and flexibility you may be used to, it could be worth it, particularly if you’re living in a popular tourist location or big city, where you can demand higher prices.

The bottom line

There’s never a bad time to earn extra money, and March is as good a time as any to get started. So consider taking paid surveys online, selling unused items, providing tutoring services, becoming a dog walker and renting your home. Whether in combination or individually these options can help make ends meet and give you a little more money this month — and in the months and years to come.

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