February Calendar 2025 With Holidays

Google Calendar will soon let you hide selected holidays Summary Google Calendar is improving by allowing users to hide specific holidays from their calendar view for a more customized experience. A new ‘Hide this holiday’ option will be available, along with a ‘Selected holidays’ menu for added control over holiday visibility. While the update is not widely available yet, users can expect Google to roll out these new features in the future for a better calendar management experience.

Google Calendar has gotten a lot better over the past few years, with the most recent update making it easier to know if an event was added through Gmail. Despite its many advantages, the way Google Calendar manages holidays is far from perfect. In its current form, users can either show certain holidays based on their country or none at all. So there’s no way to individually select which holidays to show and which ones to hide. Thankfully, the folks at Google Calendar are already working on a fix for this particular issue.

Printable February  Calendar
Printable February Calendar

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As per evidence unearthed within Google Calendar version 2024.23.0-641736842 by Android Authority, the app is working on a new menu that will allow users to hide a particular holiday from their calendar view.

February  with holidays calendar
February with holidays calendar

Current view of the holiday page (left); The updated version with the Hide this holiday option (right)

As you can see above, users will find a new Hide this holiday option when opening an individual holiday from the calendar view. We presume this is part of a new three-dot menu within the holiday page, though Android Authority’s report didn’t offer any specifics on this aspect.

Printable February  Calendar
Printable February Calendar

The current National/Regional Holidays menu (left); The new Selected holidays option (right)

In addition to the Hide this holiday option we detailed above, Google Calendar is also bringing some other holiday-related changes. The site found a new option under Holidays (Settings > Holidays > National/Regional holidays) named Selected holidays. The scope of this new addition is unclear, though it’s likely aimed at giving users the option to select from a wide list of holidays that can be hidden or shown in the calendar.

Added control over holiday visibility is certainly a welcome addition, though it’s unclear when this feature will be widely available. Android Authority says the feature is not live for all, which I found to be true, despite being on version 2024.23.0-641736842 of Google Calendar. Perhaps there’s a server-side element involved here, so we’ll just have to wait until Google flips the switch sometime in the future.