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Clos de Tres Canto: A Wine Monastery Experience in Ensenada

ENSENADA.- Just a few kilometers away from the town of San Antonio de la Minas we can find Clos de Tres Cantos, a vineyard that was born on PI day in 2014, a number that has conviction but also lots of mystery.

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Calendario Escolar – Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana UTT

From the moment you enter the vineyard, you start to feel like part of riddle that must be solved. And it’s all thanks to the six stone, glass and wood structures that Clos de Tres Santos has.

We had the privilege of touring the winegrowing area guided by Joaquín Moya, co-owner of Clos, who was patient enough to show us around and explained the project. He mentioned that the vineyard is based on a sustainable concept. All of the elements, on which the facilities of Clos are built on, are recycled and from the Valle de Guadalupe, such as wine bottles and wood.

Publican calendario de actividades –: SEP
Publican calendario de actividades –: SEP

Joaquín explaining the origin of Clos

Alejandro D’Acosta is responsible for Clos de Tres Canto’s fascinating architecture. Its most surprising area is the underground wine cellar, the place where the story of Clos begins, and where blackboards turn into doors and wine bottles into windows. Throughout the tour you feel as if little by little you’re solving a mystery.

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Calendario Escolar – SEP Baja California Sur

Clos de Tres Cantos wine cellars

After getting to know the wine cellar, we went to the dinner where we found the cozy and welcoming Tasting Room, and where we tried EU (a Mourvèdre and Petite Sirah mixture), Nada (Tempranillo mixed with Petite Sirah), Noesis (Tempranillo) and Resilencia (Petite Sirah) all accompanied by a delicious Ramonetti Cheese, rosemary bread with olive from La Hogaza and extra virgin olive oil from Tres Mujeres.

Clos de Tres Cantos wine tasting

While we tasted the delicious produces that the Valle has to offer, Joaquín and his wife María, who is also a co-owner of Clos, told us life stories and gave suggestions of how to accompany the wine we were tasting.

Tasting Room

Joaquín and María also told us that any visitor could adopt a grapevine, which comes with an annual membership. This way, we are all contributing to the studies of Valle of Guadalupe’s youth. The membership includes a bottle a wine, a discount of 5% in all of Clos’ wines and visits to the cellars, as well as invitations to gather grapes from your grapevine and being able to participate in pruning and irrigation labors.

How do I get to Clos de Tres Cantos? Just follow the Ruta del Vino road, until you find Rancho Santa Lucia, located at kilometer 5 in the San Antonio de las Minas town. Take as reference a gray telephone antenna, just a few meters ahead you will be able to see the Clos de Tres Cantos sign approximately 500m from the vineyard. The entrance should be on your right.

Adress: Carretera Ensenada- Tecate KM 81, Rancho Santa Lucia, San Antonio de las Minas, Ensenada, B.C.

Costs: $200 pesos ($13.50 dlls) for a tasting of 4 different wines, including a personalized tour, Ramonetti cheese, La Hogaza’s bread and extra virgin olive oil.

How can I contact them? Ask for Joaquín Moya and/or María Benitez

Phone: (646) 206 13 33

Email: [email protected]

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