Calendar Of December 2025

The Canadiens unveil their 2024-2025 calendar

It’s here: the NHL has unveiled the 32 teams’ schedules for next season.

December  Calendar  Templates for Word, Excel and PDF
December Calendar Templates for Word, Excel and PDF

We can say that everyone will play on October 22, that Steven Stamkos will be in Tampa Bay on October 28, or that the Four Nations Tournament will take place from February 10 to 21, for example.

But here’s what you’re interested in: the Canadiens’ schedule. And here’s what I think of it.

The 2024-25 Montreal Canadiens schedule.

December  Calendar Printable
December Calendar Printable

– Arpon Basu (@ArponBasu) July 2, 2024

1. The Habs will open their season on October 9 against Toronto. The following day, the club has a date with the Boston Bruins… before returning, two days later, for a first Saturday night at home against the Senators.

December  Calendar - Free Printable with Holidays and Observances
December Calendar – Free Printable with Holidays and Observances

It’ll be a month before we cross swords again with a division rival (and there are only five on the menu before December), but hey: at least the Habs will be playing in every market in the West, and we’ll get to stay up late… er… late.

2. The Habs’ first game against Utah HC will be on November 26, at home. We’ll have to wait until January 14 to see the club’s facilities in Salt Lake City.

No Mullett on the menu, then. #Finally 3. Patrick Roy will be at the Bell Centre on December 3. The Canadiens will be in Long Island on October 19 and March 20, for those who might be interested.

On January 28, the Avalanche will be in New York for Roy’s second match-up against his former team. The one we’re keeping an eye on is the October 14 duel: Roy will be in Denver.

4. Feel like planning your holiday season?

Here’s what the Habs calendar will look like before and after Christmas. Spoiler alert: a trip to the southern U.S. is on the menu… and it’s going to be intense this year.

December 20: Detroit December 21: Detroit at home December 23: Columbus December 28: Sunrise December 29: Tampa Bay December 31: Vegas January 3: Chicago January 4: Denver

The post-Christmas trip this year is a bit ridiculous. Back to back at Florida and Tampa, then Vegas on NYE, then at Chicago and at Colorado back to back. How does that make any sense?

– Arpon Basu (@ArponBasu) July 2, 2024

5. If you’re looking for the big break, it will be, as mentioned, during the Four Nations tournament. The Habs won’t have a duel between their February 9 and February 22 games.

So those of you going to the tournament won’t have a bye week.

6. The club’s two big, nasty trips out West will take place in February and March. You’ll have to wait until February for the first matches after 10 p.m. Quebec time.

On February 2, 4 and 3, there will be games in California. They will precede the Super Bowl games at home, which will precede the two-week break. The Devils and Lightning will be in town.

The other trip? Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle, from March 6 to 12. After that, all the season’s other games will be at more normal times.

Those will be two big games.

Our 2024-2025 schedule unveiled in record time!

Announcing our 2024-25 schedule in world-record time!

Thank you @ValtteriBottas #GoHabsGo @NHL @stakef1team_ks

– Montreal Canadiens (@CanadiensMTL) July 2, 2024

7. The Canadiens’ season ends on Wednesday, April 16 at home against Carolina. Unless the club is in the playoffs, expect the lockers to be emptied the next day or two.

It’s going to happen fast.

– Aatos Koivu, a Sebastian Aho?

Aatos Koivu: “I think the type of player that reminds me of myself is Sebastian Aho, I see the same kind of strengths and weaknesses that my Dad had, I see those in my game as well but I think Sebastian Aho is a pretty good comparison to me”

– NHL Watcher (@NHL_Watcher) July 2, 2024

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