Calendar January 2024 With Holidays

The best date to book holidays for 2024 – I wait for it every year and it’s coming up soon

A MAN who has been on hundreds of flights has revealed the best day to book them to find a bargain.

January Calendars - Handy Calendars
January Calendars – Handy Calendars

Scott Keyes is the founder of the travel site, formerly known as Scott’s Cheap Flights.


Printable January  Calendar Templates with Holidays
Printable January Calendar Templates with Holidays

Scott Keyes has travelled around the world, as founder of Going.comCredit: Instagram

Having travelled around the world, he often shares his top tricks and hacks when it comes to saving money.

Printable January  Calendar
Printable January Calendar

And he revealed the ideal date to book flights for a bargain – and it’s coming up soon.

He told NPR that “January 8” is his ideal day.

January  with holidays calendar
January with holidays calendar

Mr Keyes explained: “It’s my favourite date of the entire year.

“I circle that date on the calendar because flight prices really get inflated over the Christmas-New Year period.

“Around Jan 8, they just fall off a cliff from the most expensive time of the entire year to the absolute cheapest.”

He said they can drop by as much as 80 per cent.

Examples he gave included return flights from LA to Tokyo, costing nearly £1,600 in December – dropping to £342 during the first few weeks of January.

And New York to Miami falls from £487 to £110 dollars.

Not only could you save money, but he also explained how you will have a better experience travelling in January, compared to the earlier winter months.

He added: “My secret, best advice for travel over the holidays is: if at all possible, just don’t do it.”

Some of his other tips include the “10 second hack” by looking for two one way tickets with different airlines rather than a round trip fare.

He explained: “Sometimes the round-trip price isn’t the best available price and it’s worth the little bit of extra time to find the best deal.”

Another way to save money on flights are error fares, with some being a tenth of the usual price.

These are when an airline lists a plane ticket as the incorrect price – a previous error saw £12,000 Cathay tickets sold for just £535.

But it comes with a risk – as the airline could cancel them when they realise, so you should avoid booking any hotels that you can’t get refunded until nearer the flight time.

And a woman revealed how she tried the popular “skiplagging trick” to save money – but backfired when she was stopped from boarding.

If you plan on booking flights in January, here are the big mistakes to avoid when browsing the January sales – and they will cost you money.


Scott says January 8 is the best for a bargainCredit: Instagram