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Here’s Exactly How To Reuse an Old Calendar for 2024

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January  Calendar Printable
January Calendar Printable

Even though physical calendars might not be as useful as they were in the past thanks to our phones or laptop calendars, they can still be a fun purchase. There’s just something comforting about a physical calendar in your kitchen, you know? And because calendars are on a rotating cycle in terms of when dates land, it might not be too surprising to find out that in 2024, you can reuse old calendars from previous years.

As Kelley Heyer—@kelley.heyer on TikTok—said in a recent video, 2024’s calendar actually lines up with three previous years over the last several decades.

January  Calendars -  FREE Printables  Printabulls
January Calendars – FREE Printables Printabulls

How To Reuse a Vintage Calendar in 2024

2024 is a leap year and because of that, as long as you find another leap year that starts on the same day as 2024 (a Monday), you’ll have a calendar you can reuse. And the years 1940, 1968 and 1996 all fit the bill for the new year.

Printable January  Calendar Templates - Calendars
Printable January Calendar Templates – Calendars

Heyer called this the perfect Christmas gift, so good that she “refused to gatekeep” it for the masses. A vintage calendar that you can actually use for this upcoming year is great “if you’re looking for a unique, special gift for the cool person in your life,” Heyer said. She noted that you can find pinup calendars that “every It Girl would love to have in their apartment,” along with Barbie ones and even Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendars from 1996.

While eBay has a pretty good selection of vintage calendars from 1940, 1968 and 1996, some of them are on an auction basis and might only be up for a limited time. But we found some vintage calendars from these years that are available to buy at the time of writing. But like we said, there are lots more on their site if you search (and have the patience for an eBay auction).

Printable January  Calendar Templates with Holidays
Printable January Calendar Templates with Holidays

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Examples of Vintage Calendars That Can Be Purchased To Use in 2024

Here are 10 old calendars you can reuse in 2024 from 1940, 1968 and 1990 that you can find on eBay—from themes including the Olympics, John Deere, Star Wars and more.

1940 Calendars To Reuse in 2024Pocket calendar 1940 Siemens Reiniger Werke Aktiengesellschaft, $39.73 on Etsy

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This sweet little pocketbook from 1940 was never used and contains a calendar, diary, a place for addresses and more. Pocketbook calendars and journals were still really popular in the 1990s when we were young, so this might bring back a lot of nostalgia. Add in the fact that it is from 1940 and you’ll def feel like you’re traveling back in time whenever you check the date.

Vintage Advertising Calendar 1940 Come Again Photo David Golper Watertown, WI, $17.99 on eBay

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This sweet calendar has the same picture all year long, and it’s just the bottom calendar part that changes.

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1968 Calendars To Reuse in 20241968 Calendar Towel Apron, $30 on Etsy

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While this isn’t something we see a lot of now, calendars apparently used to be printed into towels and aprons. Having a 2024-accurate calendar on a kitchen apron is so unique and the artwork is equally as fascinating. This is a fantastic conversation starter as well as a great collector find.

French Vintage 1968 Ski Jumping Olympics Calendar Tea Towel, $45.40 on Etsy

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Speaking of putting calendars on kitchenware, this calendar is on a dishtowel. It’s also a fun souvenir from the 1968 winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, which was the country’s second time hosting the Olympic Winter Games. So if you or someone you know loves history, the Olympics or french, this is a great find. The artwork of a jumping skier is also very cool.

Haandarbejdets Fremme “Dyrekredsen” 1968 Calendar with Cross Stitch Zodiac Patterns, $49.99 on eBay

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Another foreign language calendar, this one is in Danish! Not only that, but it’s a planner-style calendar with cross-stitch artwork showing off the zodiac signs. And even though it’s labeled as “used,” it doesn’t look written in, which is great if you’re looking for a unique planner.

Vintage John Deere 12 Month Calendar Featuring Tractors from 1968, $19.99 on eBay

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This calendar is perfect for the John Deere fan (or anyone into tractors, really). Even though tractors aren’t super different in 2023/2024, the vintage feel of this 1968 calendar is felt in the photo quality and font.

Vintage 1968 Pocket Calendar Colonial Printing & Stationery Company, $12.99 on eBay

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While there isn’t really a reason to carry around a pocket calendar anymore due to our cell phones in our pockets all the time, this 1968 pocket calendar is more for show and/or desire. You of course don’t need it to tell the date, but isn’t it a sweet little memento to have on you at all times?

Vintage 1968 Calendar Automobile Painting DuPont Duco Dulux APPERSON JACK RABBIT, $21.95 on eBay

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This automobile-themed one is on the less expensive side of this list. If you’re looking for something vintage-looking and you like cars, this one is definitely for you.

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1996 Calendars To Reuse in 2024Elvira 1996 Wall Calendar (12X12), $149.99 on eBay

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Elvira is a Halloween icon, and a bit of a cult-classic celeb. So if you or someone you know love the sexy, spooky season figure, this calendar might be calling your name.

Star Wars Hallmark 1996 Wall Calendar (12X12), $149.99 on eBay

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Star Wars fans love a good collector’s item, and this 1996 calendar is a great, useful vintage item. It features the cast members from the original trilogy and is sure to light up a Star Wars fan’s face on Christmas (or every day in 2024).

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