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Ticket prices for Walt Disney World have spiked for 2025

Get ready to dig deep into those pockets to afford your next vacation at the “happiest place on Earth.”

That’s because Walt Disney World tickets for 2025 have gone on sale and the prices have taken a leap up from this year’s, according to CNN.

The company recently released ticket availability through Oct. 31, 2025, and some of the lowest single-day, single-park ticket prices have increased by $10.

For example, if you’d like to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the end of August next summer, weekday tickets have gone from this year’s $109 to $119 in 2025, according to fan site

If you want to go to Animal Kingdom on a Saturday at the end of April when the demand is high, it will cost you $169 in 2025, compared to this year’s price of $164.

Single-day tickets for other Disney parks are also seeing a price increase.

At Magic Kingdom, for example, guests would have to cough up an extra $5 as the ticket price rose from $184 to $189 for that aforementioned Saturday at the end of April.

The Park Hopper option, which provides access to multiple parks in one day, has gone up in price anywhere between $5 to $10 for multiple dates next year.

As of Feb. 27, the highest one-day ticket for one park price for 2025 has been set at $189. It’s the same price at its peak in 2024.

According to the company’s ticket price calendar, the last day guests can visit a park for $109 is Sept. 26, 2024.

Don Munsil, who runs the travel website, told CNN, “In the past, Disney just raised all the ticket prices at once rather than rolling out new prices as they added new dates to their calendar … So this new strategy is interesting, because all the 2024 prices remained unchanged.”

Despite the price hikes, there are opportunities for guests to save by being vigilant about promotions that are available via Walt Disney’s special webpage that provides offers, deals, and discounts.

“Walt Disney World has also ramped up discounts significantly since last raising ticket prices in December 2022,” Disney Tourist Blog writer Tom Bricker recently said.

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