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Pokemon Go Community Day dates confirmed for December, January & February 2024Cassidy Stephenson

  ❘   Published: 2023-11-13T22:33:18  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-13T22:33:28

Pokemon Go fans should check their calendars, as the dates of the next few Community Days have been confirmed for December, January, and February.

After three months, Pokemon Go’s Adventures Abound season is set to end on December 1, 2023. Consequently, a whole new season will begin, filled with new creatures and enjoyable festivities.

We are currently aware of little information surrounding the games next season. Nevertheless, Niantic has revealed the dates for several upcoming Community Day and Community Day Classic events

Printable January  Calendar Templates with Holidays
Printable January Calendar Templates with Holidays

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Community Days are monthly events that headline certain ‘mon and encourage players to get together. Keep reading for when you can expect the next few Community Days to launch.

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Printable January  Calendar Templates - Calendars
Printable January Calendar Templates – Calendars

Niantic / Pixabay

Here are the Community Day dates that have been confirmed:

Saturday and Sunday, December 16–17, 2023 – Community Day Saturday, January 6, 2024 – Community Day Saturday, January 20, 2024 – Community Day Classic Sunday, February 4, 2024 – Community Day

Unlike typical Community Days, Community Day Classics feature a Pokemon previously featured as the headliner to give trainers another chance to encounter them.

Several in-game event dates have also been teased for the upcoming season:

January  calendar  free printable calendar
January calendar free printable calendar

Sunday, December 3, 2023 Saturday, December 9, 2023 Saturday, December 23, 2023 Sunday, January 14, 2024 Saturday and Sunday, January 27–28, 2024 Sunday, February 11, 2024

We will update players once we learn any information about what could happen on the abovementioned event dates.

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The next Community Day will take place on Saturday, November 25, 2023, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time. This time, Pokemon Go will feature Mareep and its evolutions Flaaffy and Ampharos.

During the event or up to two hours after, those who evolve Flaaffy will receive an Ampharos with the Charged Attack: Dragon Pulse. You can check out our event hub here for more details.

Printable January  Calendar
Printable January Calendar

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