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Ramadan 2022: Date, Time, Significance And Iftar Feast Ideas

Ramadan, the most pious festival of the Islamic religion, is here and preparations among the Muslim community are on an all-time high. The month-long religious festival sees Muslims observing fast (Roza) every day, without consuming food and even water until sunset. Ramadan is referred to as the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is seen as an opportunity to revisit Prophet Mohammed’s teachings. It is said that the ritual of fasting helps connect and empathise with the less-fortunate people and reinstate faith in the blessings of Allah.  


When Is Ramadan 2022: Start And End Dates 

Ramadan 2022 begins today on 2nd April and will end on 2nd May with Eid-al-Fitr celebrations the next day. Eid marks the end of month-long fasting and the holiday is celebrated with loved ones over an expansive food spread. 

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Ramadan 2022: Significance Of Ramadan: 

Ramadan is considered the most auspicious month of the Islamic calendar, and as per the legends, this was during this month the verses of the holy Quran were first revealed to Prophet Mohammed by Allah. Muslims devote themselves to connecting with Allah during this month through fasting rituals and prayers.  

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Ramadan 2022: All About Iftar Feast: 

During the entire month of Ramadan, devotees get up before daybreak and consumer Sehri to help them fast throughout the day. After the evening prayers, they indulge in an Iftar feast comprising some traditional meals. Here are some of the popular foods made and served for Iftar. 


From chicken dum biryani to Awadhi mutton biryani, there is a whole range of this rice-based classic delicacy that can be prepared for Iftar parties. Click here to see some great biryani recipes for your spread. 

Sheer Khurma: 

Sewaiyan (vermicelli) dishes are extremely popular during the festival of Ramadan, Sheer Khurma, being one of the most common ones. Made with vermicelli, dates, saffron, milk and dry fruits – this sewaiyan pleases heart and stomach at the same time. Click here for the recipe. 


No evening get-together, whether religious or otherwise, is complete without some succulent kebabs. Click here to see some recipe options of delicious Iftar-special kebabs that you can pick from.  


Haleem is a staple of Ramadan. This stew is traditionally cooked in large, wood-fired cauldrons, and is made with wheat, lentils and meat. Click here for the recipe.  

Make Ramadan special with these special recipes. 

Happy Ramadan 2022!