Calendar 2022 Time And Date

2022-23 Academic Calendar

Calendars are subject to change. Dates and events are added or changed as information becomes available. 




Year  Calendar – United States
Year Calendar – United States

 Spring 2023 Summer I2023 Summer II2023Course offerings open for viewing Feb. 28 Oct. 10 Jan. 23 Jan. 23Registration begins March 14 Oct. 24 Feb. 6 Feb. 6Tuition and fees due Aug. 24 Jan. 5 May 1 June 22Advising Days Aug. 29-30 Jan. 5-6 N/A N/AOne Stop Convenience Center TBA N/A N/A N/AFall Welcome Aug. 25-30 N/A N/A N/A Classes begin at 8 a.m. Aug. 31 Jan. 9 May 8 June 29Last day to drop/add Sept. 8 Jan. 17 May 15 July 7Census; Department cleanup Sept. 8 Jan. 17 May 15 July 7$100 late add fee begins Sept. 9 Jan. 18 May 16 July 8

Begin recording withdrawals with a final grade of “W” on the transcript

 Sept. 9 Jan. 18 May 16 July 8Last day to withdraw from classes Oct. 31 March 20 June 5 July 24Final exam week Dec. 12-15 April 24-27 N/A N/ASemester Ends Dec. 17 April 29 June 28 Aug. 18RefundsLast day to receive a 100% refund  Sept. 8  Jan. 17  May 15  July 7Last day to receive a 90% refund for a complete withdrawal  Sept. 12  Jan. 19 N/A N/ALast day to receive a 50% refund for a partial withdrawal  Sept. 13  Jan. 23 N/A N/ALast day to receive a 50% refund for a complete withdrawal  Sept. 26  Feb. 6  May 22  July 11Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal  Oct. 24  March 6  June 2  July 24GradesMidterm grades due Oct. 17 March 13 N/A N/AFinal grades due Dec. 20 May 2 July 5 Aug. 22GraduationLast day to submit your application for graduation Feb. 1 Oct. 1 Feb. 1 Feb. 1Commencement Dec. 17 April 29 June 24 N/AHolidays and RecessesLabor Day Sept. 5      Fall break Oct. 19-21      Thanksgiving break (begins at noon) Nov. 23      Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Convocation and Activities   Jan. 16    Spirit Day   March 3    Spring break   March 6-10    Memorial Day     May 29  Independence Day       July 4

  • $100 late add fees apply to all students adding their first class after the census has taken place. 
  • A complete withdrawal is withdrawing from all classes (please note: a final grade of “W” will appear on the academic transcript)
  • A partial withdrawal is withdrawing from one or more but not all classes (please note: a final grade of “W” will appear on the academic transcript)
  • A 24-hour grace period is provided to students who drop a course that meets for the first time on or after the end of the drop/add period. Students dropping a class within 24 hours of the start date should contact the Registrar’s Office to make sure they receive the correct refund.

    Download accessible version of the 2022-23 calendarPlease contact us for a PDF version of the 2022-23 calendar.