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The best Elf on the Shelf Planner Printable

As the holiday season approaches, parents and guardians everywhere are gearing up for one of the most beloved and imaginative traditions: Elf on the Shelf. For those who may not know, Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a special scout elf is sent from the North Pole to encourage kids to behave themselves. The elf watches over the household and reports back to Santa Claus each night. Every morning, the elf returns to a new spot in the house, creating a delightful game of hide and seek with the children.

December  Monday Calendar  Monday to Sunday
December Monday Calendar Monday to Sunday

One of the challenges parents face with this tradition is keeping things fresh and fun throughout December. This is where an Elf on the Shelf Planner Printable comes in handy. The best Elf on the Shelf Planner Printables should include several key features that will help parents plan out their mischievous elf’s adventures efficiently.

Key Features of the Best Elf on the Shelf Planner Printable:

December  calendar  free printable calendar
December calendar free printable calendar

1.Calendar Grid:A clearly outlined grid for every day of December until Christmas Eve when elves traditionally return to the North Pole with Santa. This allows for scheduling elf antics in advance.

2.Idea List:An attached list of creative, family-friendly ideas where elves may be found each morning. These ideas can range from simple positions (like perched on a picture frame) to more intricate scenarios (such as creating mini marshmallow snowmen).

December  calendar  free printable calendar
December calendar free printable calendar

3.Shopping List:Sections for noting any props or materials needed for specific days’ set-ups—very helpful for keeping track of items like cotton balls for a ‘snow’ scene or marshmallows for a ‘bathtub.’

4.Notes Section:Space for jotting down any special notes or reminders related to your elf’s activities, important if planning something more elaborate that may need additional setup time.

5.Elf Report Card:A fun printable card from your elf that rates the child’s behavior – good for little motivators leading up to Christmas Day.

6.Variations for Different Age Groups:Recommendations for adjustments based on your children’s ages ensuring that each experience is tailored perfectly and keeps everyone engaging irrespective of their age.

7.Customizable Template Pages:Blank templates included so you can draw or write in your own unique ideas if inspiration strikes throughout the month.

8.Checklist Feature:Checkboxes or “completed” fields next to each day so you can track what has been done and what’s coming up next.

To make this season memorable, consider using one of these detailed planners as your elf playbook; having this reference will ease the pressure during an already hectic time of year and bring laughter and wonder to your home each day leading up to Christmas.

Remember that it’s all about making magical memories with your family – so regardless of how many days you manage to move your elf or whether you miss a night or two, simply having fun is what counts! Happy Holidays!

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