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The story behind the ‘revealing’ calendar created by Linden Ponds residents Local News

When Christine Griffin, co-chair of the Linden Ponds Philanthropy Advisory Committee, asked other residents at the senior living complex if they would participate in a, well, more revealing kind of calendar to help with fundraising efforts, she thought she would face some hesitation. 

April  Calendars -  FREE Printables  Printabulls
April Calendars – FREE Printables Printabulls

“(The committee) said, ‘OK, who can we get to do this?’” Griffin said, laughing. “I’ll tell you, everyone said yes, and everyone was thrilled to do it.”

For each month of the year, 12 women ages 69 to 92 agreed to appear au naturel for a good cause, a campaign out of Hingham very much inspired by the British comedy movie — based on a true story out of England — “Calendar Girls.”

Printable April  Calendar
Printable April Calendar

The production of the calendar took place all within the grounds of the 1,400-resident facility, meaning spaces like the fitness center, the poker table, and the library were used as photoshoot locations. Residents also took the photos, designed the calendar, and contributed money to get it printed — 1,500 copies at $20 each, to be exact. 

But it’s not what you think, Griffin said. Though it may seem that these residents had forgone their clothes, the bare-shouldered models are in fact dressed.

“Every single woman had a bathing suit on,” said Griffin, who noted that it was the clever use of props (like giant poker cards) and angles that gives a certain impression. “We just told them to drop their straps.”

It was certainly an entertaining endeavor for those involved, but it was also more than that in a community of residents that Griffin said help each other out. 

Griffin and the rest of the committee raises money annually for a host of funds, like the staff bonuses the residents contribute to each year, or the student scholarships they give out. 

But this calendar was a way to bring attention to the Resident Care Fund beyond the residents that donate to it annually.

The fund is a safety net of sorts for residents who run into intensive health issues like dementia and who need the money both for the care and their housing. Considering the high — and growing higher — costs associated with senior living and long-term care, it’s a necessity, Griffin said.

“We make sure our fellow residents never have to leave here once they get here,” she said.

But what started out as a creative way to raise funds for Linden Ponds’s safety net program turned into a meaningful exercise in embracing age.

Take Deni Janey, also known as “Miss August” in the calendar, for example. She’s in her 70s, she swims once a week, and she works out with a personal trainer.

Age isn’t keeping her inactive — she won’t let it. 

“Even though we’re women of a certain age, we are embracing our age by getting involved in all kinds of activities, and we’re not slowing down,” Janey said. “Just because you age doesn’t mean you slow down.” 

So Janey’s splashy photoshoot took place in one of her favorite spots at Linden Ponds: the pool. Griffin said they had Janey slosh around in the water to hide her swimsuit. 

The theme of each calendar month doesn’t align with any particular holiday or season, but instead it highlights the activities these women are involved in at Linden Ponds. 

A gardener with “nothing” but a wide-brimmed hat, gloves, and shears smiles behind flowers for July. A room full of paintbrushes is the backdrop for an artist who uses a painting as a prop for April. And for October, a retired opera singer poses against a piano in the performing arts center where she holds concerts.

“This place makes it very easy to be engaged,” Griffin said. “It’s like living on a huge college campus.”

Griffin said the goal is to sell all 1,500 calendars, and 100% of the profits go toward the resident fund. They’ve sold over half their batch, and interested buyers can purchase a copy by emailing [email protected].

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