April And May 2025 Calendar

Government releases 2025 holiday calendar

The Cabinet has sanctioned a list of public holidays to be observed by government agencies next year, showing a total of 115 days off, with six extended holidays that last three or more days, including the Lunar New Year holiday, which lasts nine days, the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA) said yesterday.

Printable April  Calendar
Printable April Calendar

There will be only one make-up day next year, on Feb. 8.

Other extended holidays include a four-day holiday from April 3 to 6 to mark Children’s Day/Tomb Sweeping Festival, and several others lasting three days, including the 228 Peace Memorial Day (Feb. 28 to March 2), Dragon Boat Festival (May 30 to June 1), Mid-Autumn Festival (Oct. 4 to 6) and National Day (Oct. 10 to 12), according to the 2025 calendar published by the agency.

April  Calendar  Templates for Word, Excel and PDF
April Calendar Templates for Word, Excel and PDF

Image courtesy of the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration

The day before Lunar New Year’s Eve which falls on Jan. 27, a Monday, is also designated a holiday and will be made up on a later Saturday on Feb. 8, the DGPA said in a news release.

April and May  Calendar
April and May Calendar

However, there will be no make-up work days for the Children’s Day/Tomb Sweeping Festival long weekend, the DGPA said.

The list of holidays issued for government agencies and state-run entities does not include Labor Day on May 1, when workers get a day off under the Labor Standards Act ( 勞動基準法), or Armed Forces Day on Sept. 3 for military personnel.

When a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, an additional “bridge day” to the weekend is usually granted, as the government makes arrangements to turn it into an extended holiday weekend, which includes designating another Saturday a make-up work day.

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